Cuan Mhuire – Success Story

In 2012 S&S Communications installed a new Telephone system for Gerry McElory, Finance Manager in Cuan Mhuire. At the time of install they were on the best package at the time to suit their needs. With the increased volume of calls going in and out, Gerry needed his landline package reviewed to handle the amount of calls coming in and out. The system we installed in 2012 was a future proofed system as we sell every day, always expandable and can be configured to customers’ needs.

After Gerry approached us about this we were quickly able to advise him on what the best package available, that would suit their needs. S&S then undertook a billing review to see what the best package would now be for Cuan Mhuire. We added a card to their telephone system which allowed them to use VoIP technology and allowed them to add extra lines to their system.

Cuan Mhuire is now able to handle the amount of incoming and outgoing calls, we were also able to half Cuan Mhuires monthly landline bill.

Below is Gerry’s thoughts on the upgrade.

“As a charity Cuan Mhuire monitors our expenditure closely and when concerns were raised about the costs associated with phone Bills we got in touch with Paddy, Robert and the team at S&S. Having reviewed our telephone costs they put together a package which has halved our telephone costs. They also regularly review our bills and we are regularly in contact with them to monitor and reduce our costs.

We would have no hesitation in recommending S&S Communications for those interested in efficient, effective and affordable systems.”