4G Routers

A Viable Powerful Alternative

A 4G Router can provide a viable alternative to ADSL / VDSL Internet services however you must remember it is not an always on service and the mobile phone network may disconnect your router at times, usually the router will automatically reconnect, sometimes you need to power cycle the router. Also – your 4G speeds will fluctuate during the day and at peak times your 4G download and upload speeds may be slower with increased latency.



 – Perfect for Rural properties with poor service

 – Provdies coverage across the building

 – Unlimited data contracts available



4G is ideal for users unable to get conventional adsl or cable broadband, for example in rural and/or remote areas. This can be further enhanced with 4G antennas. Please call our experts for more information.

Building sites

Where it is too costly or too impractical to install a hard line, 4G wins hands down. Building sites are a prime example. Operations running from portacabins can remain connected to head office at all times.


Your 4G LTE connection can be shared to multiple WiFi devices, but also wired devices, and peripherals such as printers, too. This allows you to create a complete temporary/mobile office in virtually any location.