On hold software/studio

Keep your customers happy on hold

We offer a range of on hold music and message options with our white label music on hold/professional studio recording tool. Customers pick their voice & music, type up their script and place the order, we get confirmation of it and then can price them according to what number of characters/paragraphs they submit.

Try our white label music on hold/professional studio recording tool.


Customer Experience Improvement

The on-hold feature allows businesses to keep customers engaged and informed while waiting for assistance. Instead of experiencing silence or awkward pauses, customers can be presented with useful information, such as promotional messages, company updates, or helpful tips. This can lead to a more positive and satisfying customer experience, reducing frustration and increasing overall customer satisfaction.


The on-hold feature can significantly improve the efficiency of a business’s phone operations. When callers are put on hold, it frees up agents’ time to handle other tasks or calls, preventing potential bottlenecks in the system. This ensures that callers get the attention they need from a knowledgeable and focused representative, rather than being rushed through the conversation.

Marketing and Branding Opportunities

When customers are on hold, businesses have an opportunity to use this time as a marketing platform. By playing carefully crafted messages, businesses can promote new products, services, or upcoming events, reinforcing their brand image and creating additional sales opportunities. This essentially turns the on-hold time into a valuable advertising space, reaching a captive audience that is already interested in the company.