A full comms install for R-Tek

R-Tek Manufacturing has become a massive company in the commercial and industrial flooring industry worldwide and S & S has been there from the beginning helping them grow. From the smaller factory to the new, modern 30,000 sq ft factory and warehouse facility S & S has put in everything from cat 5 cable across the entire facility to the new phone system

With an ever-growing workforce and new requirements, we have helped them grow their business communications every step of the way. We work closely with their staff to ensure there is never an email or phone call missed due to downtime or poor connections.

The factory floor required a state-of-the-art system to allow staff to communicate easily without having to walk across the massive production area. After all, time is money. Cat 5 ports and cable were installed to allow the use of computers and phones in the various areas.

The same was applied to the office areas as well as 3 large comms cabinets to handle this massive new network with so many ports.

What we installed and provided

  • Avaya phone system
  • Cat 5 cable acorss the entire factory and office block
  • Reception switch board
  • X 3 large comms cabinets