Connecting Cuan Mhuire, Newry


Every organisation thrives on the foundation of seamless communication and data transfer. S&S, as a leader in the field of network installations, was honoured to be commissioned for an extensive project at Cuan Mhuire, Newry. Our mission was to revamp the network infrastructure by installing Cat 5e cables and modules, fibre/multipair cable links, comms cabinets, a telephone system, and a public address (PA) system.

The Challenge

Cuan Mhuire, a renowned institution dedicated to the treatment of addiction, comprises multiple buildings in Newry. Their invaluable work requires uninterrupted communication across all these facilities. However, their previous setup was proving inadequate for the institution’s evolving needs.

The task at hand was to design and implement a comprehensive, efficient, and future-proof communications solution that would facilitate enhanced data transfer and voice communication.

The Solution

Cat 5e Cables and Modules

At the project’s heart was the installation of Cat 5e cables and modules. Cat 5e cables, known for their reliability and high-speed data transfer capabilities, were an excellent choice for the institution’s needs. Modules were used for the effective management of the physical ends of these cables, ensuring optimal data transmission.

Fibre/Multipair Cable Links

To connect each of Cuan Mhuire’s buildings, we installed fibre/multipair cables. These cables provide multiple communication paths, which ensures redundancy and increases the overall system’s reliability. The connections offer the high capacity and speed necessary to handle large volumes of data across the various buildings.

Comms Cabinets

We introduced modern comms cabinets to centralise and organise all essential networking equipment, including routers, servers, and patch panels. These cabinets provide a secure and efficient space to manage the system, optimising space usage while allowing for straightforward maintenance.

Telephone System

The installation of a new telephone system was a crucial part of this project, given the nature of Cuan Mhuire’s work. The upgraded system provides clear voice communication, improving internal coordination and enhancing the institution’s ability to provide their invaluable services.

PA System

Finally, a new public address system was installed to improve communication during emergencies or large gatherings. This system facilitates swift, clear broadcasting to the entire campus, ensuring everyone is promptly informed about important announcements.

The Impact

Following our installations, Cuan Mhuire, Newry experienced a significant improvement in their communication capabilities. The new infrastructure increased bandwidth, resulting in faster data transmission and smoother operations.

The modern telephone system improved the clarity and reliability of voice communication, enhancing the organisation’s internal and external communication.

Furthermore, the new PA system ensured all critical announcements could be disseminated swiftly and clearly across the campus, significantly improving the organisation’s operational efficiency.

Moreover, the multipair cables’ provision of multiple communication paths boosted the system’s reliability, minimising downtime and ensuring smooth operations even in the event of a fault.


We were delighted to be part of such a meaningful project and work alongside an organisation as respected as Cuan Mhuire, Newry. Our goal was to install a communications infrastructure that could keep pace with their dedication to providing critical support services.

Through careful planning, meticulous execution, and a commitment to quality, we achieved a transformation in Cuan Mhuire’s communication capabilities. Today, they enjoy enhanced connectivity, seamless communication, and a system that’s future-proofed for growth.

In the ever-evolving world of communications technology, when utilised effectively, it can lead to transformative results. Our journey doesn’t end here, and we look forward to supporting more organisations in their digital transformation efforts.