NEWS ALERT: The truth on Panasonic winding down their business communication division. DONT PANIC.

The announcement referred to below from Panasonic is correct. However, the need to move now may be premature, with Panasonic keeping production going until 2022 then guaranteeing parts to 2029!!

most systems sold today will most likely have been superseded by a natural migration towards hosted and even if not migrated with the reliability built into Panasonic products, we cannot see a shortage of spare parts for anyone requiring same.

A lot of people may endeavour to use this information to convince people to move now!  We don’t feel there is any need to panic, people should take stock of where they are what they have got and consider where their objectives are going into the future.

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“Dear Customer

As you may be aware, Panasonic Corporation is winding down their Business Communications division. Blueface has enjoyed a successful partnership with Panasonic for over a decade that has created revolutionary unified communications technology.

We are writing to assure you that Panasonic will continue to manufacture communications hardware until December, 2022 and will support existing deployments until 2029. Additionally, Blueface has taken a number of steps to guarantee continuity for all partners and customers.”