How VOIP phone systems can benefit your business

Check out a list of the key benefits to a VOIP telephone system can offer your business:


The number of phone stations can be increased easily as well as being moved to different locations and offices. The point of flexibility is perfectly illustrated when it comes to working from home with a VOIP phone system.

Save time and money

VOIP systems are cheaper than more conventional methods such as an old ISDN system. As well as being the newer technology it offers a much better service.

Easy Solutions

As well as offering a quick quality connection the VOIP system allows for quick easy repair meaning less down time and money saved. Repair services can generally be done remotely saving costly call out charges.

Effective communication

With your personnel working from various points within the office, their home, or around the world, keeping them within reach is critical. One of the more interesting benefits of VoIP is that you can have a single call ring to your desk phone for the first few rings, then to your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop if the call goes unanswered. This way urgent calls are answered more often and less time is spent checking voicemail or corresponding over other platforms.

VOIP can be directed to a number of devices including mobile phones, laptops, and tablets meaning if a user is busy or not near a certain device it can be set to redirect to another device if one is busy or the user simply isn’t beside it.

Boost your customer relations

Don’t ever miss a customer’s call again! Connect staff remotely from anywhere in the world in the event calls need to be transferred. The number one pet hate most of us have when it comes to calling a business with a query or issue is the number ringing out. Avoid negative reviews with a VOIP system that allows for excellent customer service.