The Airtastic installation & ongoing relationship

We brought on Airtastic as a client in 2016 and since then they have expanded with multiple new sites across Ireland, a head office and a central contact centre.

Working closely with Alison, Henry and the team we have kept them up to date with the latest telephony and business tools like call reporting and call recording software.

We began working with Airtastic as a client in 2016. Since then, Airtastic has experienced significant growth across Northern Ireland including opening branches in Craigavon, Bangor, Cork, Kildare and Lisburn and establishing a head office, and centralising their contact centre.

We have played a crucial role in this growth, working closely with Airtastic’s team, led by Alison and Henry, to keep them up to date with the latest telecommunications and business tools. Specifically, they have implemented call reporting and call recording software, which can provide valuable insights into call volumes, call quality, and other metrics that can help Airtastic optimise their operations and improve customer service.

By keeping Airtastic up to date with the latest technology and providing them with the tools they need to succeed, S and S Communications has helped Airtastic achieve their business goals and expand their operations. This is a great example of how a strong partnership between a service provider and a client can lead to mutual success and growth.